The Value and Values of Show Choir with Dina Else

Steve and Alan visit with veteran educator Dina Else about the upsides and downsides of competitive show choir.

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Dina Else is a highly sought after vocal technician/specialist, choral clinician, motivational speaker and adjudicator through the United States.  She is a published author and columnist, as well as a highly regarded voice teacher headed into her 39th year of teaching privately.

Dina has 17 years of high school choral classroom experience and 10 years at the collegiate level including; Ithaca College, Wartburg College, Drake University, University of Northern Iowa and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.  She received her Bachelor and Masters Degrees from the University of Northern Iowa and has completed her doctoral coursework in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

She continues to dedicate her career to empowering singers through a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of their instrument, as well as an understanding of the mental skills necessary to perform with impact and live life to the fullest.