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Dr. Steve Shanley, Alan Feirer, and national thought leaders explore current issues in music education, with practical application for K-12 music educators.

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Quick Pro Tips- The “Bopping” Rehearsal Strategy for Better Ensemble Timing


Alan and Steve discuss the “bopping” rehearsal strategy, a technique commonly used in drum corps and marching bands but adaptable for all ensemble types. Steve explains how “bopping,” or focusing on the beginnings of pitches, helps students improve rhythmic accuracy and self-detect mistakes. Tune in to learn how this approach can enhance your rehearsals, along with tips to overcome its challenges.

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Alan and Steve talk with educator and speaker John Gallagher about ways for you and your students to build advocacy and awareness for your music program through effective public relations.

Quick Pro Tips: One Way to Help Alleviate the Teacher Shortage


Music Ed Insights insider Michael Prichard joins Alan and Steve with a tip for educators on how to talk with students about the teaching profession..

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