“Are we Doing the Right Thing for Students with Trauma?” with Michael Linsin

After Alan and Steve shared and dissected author and classroom management guru Michael Linsin’s blog post “The Big Lie of Childhood Trauma,” they invited him back to the podcast to join the conversation. Linsin says, “Throw out SEL and all of its manifestations. Replace it with better subject-matter teaching, more time on task, higher expectations, … Read more

Summer Reading Series – Michael Linsin’s “The Big Lie of Childhood Trauma”

Alan and Steve discuss their reaction – and the reaction of the comments section – to the latest blog post from classroom management author and expert Michael Linsin, whose episode remains one of our most popular ever. Michael Linsin Episode: https://www.musicedinsights.com/uncategorized/classroom-management-with-michael-linsin/ Michael Linsin Blog Post: https://smartclassroommanagement.com/2024/06/27/childhood-trauma-schools/

Quick Pro Tip- Summer Selected Short Readings with James Clear

In this episode of Music Ed Insights, Alan and Steve introduce a new “summer selected short readings” series. They kick off with insights from James Clear, author of the popular 3-2-1 newsletter. Discover how Clear’s ideas on wealth, handling criticism, and measuring your days can help music educators focus on what truly matters. Join us … Read more

Student Leadership Trends This Summer

Alan and Steve talk about three things Alan’s noticed as he’s worked with student leaders this summer related to burnout, social skills, and desire to work. Spoiler: it’s good news. Also – one caution for directors.

Quick Pro Tips- Create One Rubric

Steve and Alan review one specific idea from the Glenn Nierman episode and Steve suggests a way you can implement it easily in the fall.