Optimizing Health, Wellness, and Happiness with Ann Smith

Alan and Steve talk with orchestra director and wellness enthusiast Ann Smith about ways to connect performance skills to student wellness. Links & References: Midwest presentation with links to planning worksheets: Google Doc Ann Smith Ann G. Smith began her orchestra training in Troy, Ohio at the age of twelve playing the violin. Mrs. Smith … Read more

Quick Pro Tips- The “Bopping” Rehearsal Strategy for Better Ensemble Timing

Alan and Steve discuss the “bopping” rehearsal strategy, a technique commonly used in drum corps and marching bands but adaptable for all ensemble types. Steve explains how “bopping,” or focusing on the beginnings of pitches, helps students improve rhythmic accuracy and self-detect mistakes. Tune in to learn how this approach can enhance your rehearsals, along … Read more

Public Relations for Your Music Program with John Gallagher

Alan and Steve talk with educator and speaker John Gallagher about ways for you and your students to build advocacy and awareness for your music program through effective public relations. John Gallagher John J. Gallagher, Ed.D., serves as the director of music & fine arts for the Longwood Central School District located on Long Island, … Read more