The State of Music Education survey with Scott Lang

Alan and Steve talk with author, educator, and speaker Scott Lang about the results of the fourth annual State of Music Education survey from Be Part of the Music.

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For over three decades Scott Lang has been educating and advocating for music education. As a nationally known leadership trainer, Scott conducts over 100 workshops annually and works with some of our country’s finest educational groups and performing ensembles.

Scott is a well-regarded author with over ten publications to his credit including; Seriously?!, Leader of the Band, Leadership Success, Leadership Travel Guide, Leadership Survival Guide, Sound Leadership, Music FUNdations, and is the creator of the highly successful Be Part of the Music series.

Scott is also currently serving as the Director of Advocacy for Music & Arts, the nation’s largest music retailer.

Mr. Lang currently resides in Chandler, Arizona with his beautiful wife Leah and their sons, Brayden, Evan, and their highly irrational but loveable Golden Retrievers Rexie and Riley. He has breathed in and out approximately 264 million times and plans to keep on doing so until he doubles that number.