Alan and Steve have questions for YOU.

This week, we pose questions to our listeners. Write, send a sound clip, and engage in the conversation. We’ll use your responses and ideas for a future episode.

  • How have students been rewired since Covid?
  • What aspect of your job are you doing the most differently since Covid?
  • Would you bring non-Western/classical music into your secondary ensembles?
  • Do secondary ensembles lend themselves to the best possible music
    education experiences–especially at the high school?
  • Does the “perfectionism” component white-suprecist culture dictate
    much of how we approach music education (accuracy of pitches/rhythms,
    playing music from “the canon” etc.)?
  • What is the most exhausting part of your job as a music teacher?
  • If you are thinking about quitting teaching or did quit teaching, what
    was the one thing that is driving that decision?
  • Is it your responsibility as an informed music educator to have an
    influence on your peers?